About Us

The commercial history of Erkent family, which is among the oldest merchants and weavers of Gaziantep as Balat carpet, is based on 4 generations ago.

In 1940, Balat Carpet started to operate in the field of textile starting from the first generation with the production of kilims in hand looms. In 1961, it transformed into a factory from textile workshop and enlarged its investments in this field and firstly established yarn dyeing workshop in Istanbul and then weaving workshop in Gaziantep.

The name “BALAT” was inspired by the BALAT district of Istanbul where the business activity of the company started and BALAT name was given to the carpet factory established in Gaziantep and started to operate under this name. In 1964 the company evolved to a collective company and in 1983 it was transformed into a joint stock company. Today, in addition to carpet&yarn production, the company has also expanded its activities by investing in the paper sector. Balat Carpet is actively exporting its products more than 25 countries.